South Africa lacks coordinated emergency response
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South Africa lacks coordinated emergency response

Two-day workshop aims to address country's emergency response

SOUTH AFRICA, Durban: Speaking at a two-day workshop in Durban today, Sobantu Tilayi, Acting CEO of the South African Maritime and Safety Authority (SAMSA) admitted that the country does not have a coordinated emergency response to deal with incidents such as tsunami or rogue wave or other maritime disasters.

Maritime stakeholders are currently attending a two-day workshop aimed at coordinating South Africa’s response in the event of a maritime disaster or emergency.

Hosted by SAMSA the workshop has drawn representatives from the Navy and police force as well as private sector stakeholders, including the private health sector and tourism companies

“What happens in the event of a tsunami or rogue wave or other maritime disaster?” says Tilayi. “The answer at the moment is that there is no coordinated marine emergency response. That is why SAMSA, as the custodian of South Africa’s maritime interests and resources and the agency responsible for ensuring safety of life and property at sea, felt it was imperative that we host this conference.

“We know, in the event of an emergency or disaster, that the speed and efficacy of the response is critical to minimise loss of life and damage to property. SAMSA is determined to ensure that South Africa is properly equipped to respond in the event of a maritime emergency or disaster.”

Topics which are being discussed include:

  • Taking stock of what remains of the architecture for marine emergency response for South Africa
  • Reassessing what is required and the technologies that can support or assist
  • Discussing the new challenges brought about by climate change
  • Assessing the gap between what it is place and what is required and discussing how to address the gap

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