SAMSA seeks forensic investigators

SAMSA seeks forensic investigators

RFP issued for forensic investigators

SOUTH AFRICA: The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to appoint a panel of forensic investigation firms to investigate matters such as bribery, corruption, theft, fraud and maladministration within the authority.

The RFP comes in the wake of the recent suspension of three senior members of the SAMSA management team and the tender documents note that the appointment aims to “augment its corporate governance initiatives; to limit risks associated with non-compliance and further be capacitated to implement appropriate consequence management initiatives.”

A panel of five firms will be appointed for a period of three years and used on a rotational basis to provide end-to-end forensic investigations, as and when requested by SAMSA on an, as-and-when basis; and will include lifestyle audits of SAMSA staff.

The scope of work is described to include:

  • Undertaking of preliminary interviews with SAMSA staff members to understand the SAMSA systems and processes.
  • Use of the latest available technology or specialised systems to image relevant computers, interrogate SAMSA systems, download and analyse the relevant electronic data.
  • Support with litigation processes emanating from forensic investigations, including but not limited to presenting evidence in disciplinary enquiries, arbitrations in the CCMA and Bargaining Councils, Criminal and Civil Courts.
  • Identify system and internal control deficiencies (if any) giving rise to reported incidents.
  • Engage with the relevant person/s as determined by investigations.
  • Advise on researched and strategic interventions in order to proactively mitigate risk to SAMSA.
  • Advise SAMSA of remedial / corrective action available.
  • Supply any further assistance as may be required and directed by SAMSA i.e. Participation in disciplinary hearings and communication with law enforcement agencies.
  • Assist with the investigation emanating from on-going transactional data analytics with suspicions of fraud in line with SAMSA policies and procedures and the public sector at large.
  • Quantify any possible/actual losses and recommend actions against parties responsible for the irregularities.
  • Compile detailed forensic investigation reports that are suitable for use in disciplinary, civil and criminal proceedings.
  • Compile evidence file/s supporting the investigation reports.
  • Conduct lifestyle audits on SAMSA staff, Executives and Board as and when required.


The firms will be required to develop an approved investigation plan that will determine whether any irregularities have occurred with regard to reported allegations as well as identify SAMSA officials and other parties who are involved in these irregularities.

In addition, the investigation reports should recommend appropriate action to be taken.


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