Chinese government funds construction of new fishing harbour
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Chinese government funds construction of new fishing harbour

Construction of fishing harbour in Sierra Leone

SIERRA LEONE: The Chinese Governmnet has signed an agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone to fund the construction of a US$55 million Fish Harbour Complex at Black Johnson. 

The proposed construction includes: 

  • Berthing and transshipment area for up to 15 fishing vessels at a time
  • Shipbuilding and repair area
  • Fish processing area
  • Fishery experimental and demonstration area
  • Aquatic product trading area
  • Residential service area
  • Reserved area

Sierra Leone's fishing resources are currently exploited mostly by over 140 foreign industrial fishing vessels and are package overseas where they are sold at higher prices with little to no benefit to the country due to lack of appropriate infrastructure. 

The implementation of the project aims to to promote local economic development and trade with other countries; scale up revenue generation and create jobs. 



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