50-year milestone for Mossel Bay

50-year milestone for Mossel Bay

NSRI Station 15 celebrates 50th anniversary

SOUTH AFRICA: Station 15 (Mossel Bay) 50th anniversary, which was celebrated on 1 May this year is being commemorated with the publication of a collection of stories about the station’s history, crew and the supportive community that surrounds them.

All proceeds from the book’s sales will go towards the station’s new Offshore Rescue Craft (ORC). Station commander André Fraser tells us more about the story behind the stories.

Two local writers Erna Maritz and Luzette Jacobs and a third, living in Wilderness, Anneldi Morkel, were approached to join the project on a pro bono basis. They all agreed without hesitation. The editorial team also included Glenda Maritz and Keith Carey from the station and, Station Commander André Fraser as well as Dr Jopie Coetzee.

But Fraser is very quick to add that the entire station became involved with the project. Volunteers were invited to contribute accounts of rescues, milestones, memories and photographs. “Our station community and the community of Mossel Bay all had a part to play. So much of this book is a reflection of emotional stuff, emotional in that readers will feel the camaraderie, the buy-in, the help, the good faith in people; they’ll know how Sea Rescue assisted the community and the how community has assisted Sea Rescue. It portrays all the good in people,” he explains.



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