V3 KVH AgilePlans Regional

V3 KVH AgilePlans Regional

Marine Electronics

PRODUCT NAME: V3 KVH AgilePlans Regional

PRODUCT TYPE: Airtime solution

Anchora Enterprises aims to provide ultimate flexibility in airtime solutions for fishing vessels. The specialist maritime services company, in partnership with KVH offers the most flexible and affordable VSAT solution on the market - the V3 KVH AgilePlans Regional.

AgilePlans Regional is a commitment free connectivity plan that is well-suited to the needs of the local fishing community, enabling them to access ship communications hardware and safety features at an affordable cost. With this plan, you will be afforded the freedom to enter a month to month contract as opposed to being obligated to sustain a long-term contract. In addition to this offer, hardware and installation costs are free of charge as well as any repair and maintenance services that are required during the time the contract remains active.

“Being operationally active during a time of uncertainty, Anchora Enterprises understand that the client’s ability to change constantly as the market changes, is challenging. This plan has therefore been developed to provide a hassle-free solution to clients, so that they are able to seamlessly access connectivity at sea with the freedom to cancel the contract with no penalties attached.” – Managing Director, Mr Keith Govender.

Contact Anchora Enterprises to equip your vessels with the AgilePlans Regional package and enjoy:

  • No long-term ownership costs, installation or maintenance costs
  • No overages with flexible monthly subscriptions
  • No commitment, cancel anytime without penalties
  • Ku-Band Coverage
  • Basic KVH Vessel Tracking Service
  • Exclusive 6-Level Cybersecurity Program 

CONTACT: Anchora Enterprises


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