Africa seeks maritime experts
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Africa seeks maritime experts

Tender analysis of 2020

AFRICA: Interrogating the list of tenders issued by entities in Africa since the beginning of the year highlights the opportunities that exist for maritime experts and consultants as well as the boat building sector.  

Maritime-related tenders originating from public and private institutions across the African continent saw a steady increase during July after numbers began to drop in March and April due largely to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As many countries began to impose national lockdowns from the end of March, many planned tenders became delayed. Similarly, CAPEX projects already in progress faced being shut-down and the associated spend being shifted.

Last month saw a welcome return to the issuing of tenders by many of the public entities including port authorities and government departments. In addition, major offshore projects seem to have contributed to the rise in numbers.

Oil and Gas related tenders emanating from Mozambique, for example, saw a significant jump from June to July with a total of 14 new tenders being issued during the latter month.

Unsurprisingly South Africa represents more than 50 percent of the total number of tenders issued during July with the country representing some 44 percent of the total number of tenders issued over the year to date.

The two countries with the next highest number of tenders issued from January to July are Kenya with 14 percent and Mozambique with 12 percent.

Professionals needed

Africa has been seeking expert advice over the last seven months with almost 15 percent of tenders issued calling for consultants across a variety of maritime sectors and topics including resource management, strategy development and marine spatial planning.

Adding legal expertise to this statistic boosts sees this number climb by just over two percent.

Vessel builds and maintenance

Looking at the calls for both vessel new-builds as well as vessel chartering and leasing, emphasises another key category of tenders that have been issued mostly by port authorities, fisheries departments and offshore operators.

Tenders for a total of 27 new builds have already been issued this year ranging from fishing vessels to tugs and rescue craft.

A further need for vessel chartering is highlighted with nine separate tenders issued for a variety of marine platforms.

Vessel maintenance and drydocking also features near the top of the tender list with 7.5 percent of tenders relating to vessel lay-up, drydocking or class inspections. In addition, the supply as well as maintenance of marine equipment including pumps, hydraulics and engines represents a further 9 percent of tenders issued.

Other significant areas include:

  • Ports handling equipment: 8%
  • Training: 4%
  • Marine civils: 4%
  • Marine electronics: 5%
  • Fishing equipment: 4%

Access to tenders

Maritime Review Africa publishes a list of maritime-related tenders twice a week to subscribers. The details that are included in the tender bulletin include access to tender documents, closing dates, issuing entity and a brief description of the bid.

You can ensure that your company remains at the forefront of this information by subscribing now.


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